• Tell us your story!
    • Thinknlocal wants to help you build a personal connection with the members of your local community who are or may soon be your customers. Tell us the story of your business. How did you get started? What are you proud of? Who are the special members of your team? I.E. “Locally owned and operated in Chino Hills, our family business is excited to give back to the community we have proudly served for two generations.” By sharing some unique details of your business with thinknlocal, we can pass your story along to the community who you are helping to support.
    • Help us get more eyes on your business by sharing photos of your establishment, products, services or team with us. We’ll utilize these visual elements when featuring your business on social media or email campaigns.
  • Tell us your “Why”.
    • Why is it important to your business to give back to your local community? By partnering with thinknlocal you send a message to your community that your business gives back. We want your community to know why you’ve chosen to go above and beyond for them. Tell us what motivates you to support local fundraisers with thinknlocal and we’ll make sure your community knows too!
  • Display thinknlocal decal and signage at your establishment.
    • Let your customers know you’re proud to be supporting their community by displaying the thinknlocal decal where it can be easily seen upon entry to your establishment. This small step encourages thinknlocal users to choose your business over your competitors in the knowledge that doing so means giving back to the community.
    • Display the thinknlocal pop up signage at the checkout station or register within your business to remind existing thinknlocal users to save and submit their receipt when shopping with you. This is also a great conversation starter for customers who may not yet be aware you are actively supporting your community in this way.
  • Keep your team informed.
    • Be sure your staff is well informed about thinknlocal so they may answer any questions customers have about the platform. Share the thinknlocal staff flyer with your team and encourage team members to:
    • Remind customers to save and submit their receipts to support local fundraisers.
    • Encourage customers to post on social media when they support local fundraisers by visiting your business. By using the #thinknlocal hashtag and tagging your own social media accounts, customers can increase fundraiser participation AND spread the word about your establishment.
  • Download the thinknlocal app!
    • The thinknlocal app will give you access to real-time information about local fundraisers, including the ones your business is supporting. You’ll be able to see current fundraiser performance as well as information on previous or upcoming ones. You’ll also have access to a directory of local businesses who are also thinknlocal.
  • Support other thinknlocal businesses!
    • Strengthen your local network by supporting other businesses who like you, are invested in building a better local community. Use the thinknlocal app to see which businesses near you are thinknlocal and consider choosing them for dining, shopping or other services.

During the fundraiser

When fundraisers are active, thinknlocal and the organizations we partner with work to encourage your local community to support your business by promoting it across various social media platforms. Here are some simple things you can do to amplify this effort and maximize results.

Social Media – Taking advantage of User generated content

  • Share photos or videos of people engaging with your business which can be reshared by fundraiser supporters to create engagement and activity for your business. Some photo suggestions are as follows: 
    • People Dining or gathering at your establishment
    • People receiving services such as massage or spa treatments, Cars being washed etc.
    • Photos of food, cocktails, specials, entrees and deserts.
    • Photos of interior/exterior of business.
    • Final product or outcome of service. I.E. Car wash = sparkling clean cars
  • Humanize your business by responding to social media activity.
  • Reciprocate follows across your social platforms. 
    • By “following back” users who follow your business on social media platforms, you form a connection with the people who are most likely to frequent your business.
  • Respond to questions and comments
    • Active thinknlocal fundraisers and promotions can bring a lot of new eyes to your business and social media accounts. Responding to questions and comments across your social media accounts is a great way to engage with current or potential new customers within your community.

When fundraisers conclude

Upon conclusion of a fundraiser, its time for the organizations you have supported to make use of the money you helped them raise! Thinknlocal will host a public check presentation event on behalf of the organization in recognition of the support they have received from your business and others who have participated.

  • You will receive an invoice via email which may be reviewed and paid online upon completion of a fundraiser. Timely invoice payment will allow us to schedule the check presentation event within 1 week of conclusion.
  • Consider representing your business by attending the check presentation event! Your community is grateful for your support, and this is a great opportunity to interact with them personally.
  • Share the check presentation event on your social media to let the community know that you’re a proud supporter. You deserve recognition for your support!

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