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Most of us have been pitched an overpriced bucket of cookie dough or magazine subscriptions we don’t really want or need, all in the name of supporting a good cause. Some groups find themselves having to spend money on the front end to make a modest fundraising profit in return. Even the teachers, coaches, and scout leaders dread having to announce the seasonal fundraiser.

What if this often painful process of fundraising was made to be, in fact, painless? What if it were made easy and actually took advantage of habits people already have?

The thinknlocal app does exactly this. And it’s automated –no phone calls, no letters to write, no money spent purchasing items to sell, no appointments to talk to a shop manager!

Fundraising causes for the groups we love and support are matched up with businesses wanting to rally behind them. In turn, the supporters of these groups (who are local consumers of goods and services, anyway) are going to be even more motivated to shop. Now, a shopping trip is supporting local business, the City, and of course, a great fundraising cause!

We help schools and organizations by:

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$16,306 so far

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151% of their goal

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Local Schools & Organizations

We are actively looking for schools and organizations.

We are here to help you. We will match your cause with our many local give back patners who want to show their support for the community and your organization or school by giving back a portion of their sale. And you are able to help them by supporting and promoting them to your friends and family and shopping locally!.

We are here for your school & organization.

We help local organizations and schools fund their causes by matching them up with businesses wanting to rally behind them.

Fight Fatigue

Coordinating fundraisers is simple and efficient.

Community Rally

We promote your organization, its mission, and your specific fundraising cause.

Shop Local Movement

Your organization is actually supporting local businesses while you fundraise.

Easy and Fun

Funding your school or organization has never been this easy or fun for the community.

Pamela Hickson Advisory

We can’t wait to do this again!

The parents and kids at our school loved the flexibility of the program as well as the giving back to our local community!

Holly Kirwin

PTA President

Kate Schadler Founder

This fundraiser will not disappoint! Definitely a WIN WIN!

 Loving Savior raised nearly $1,000 in just a few short weeks! It was super easy and we even had great raffle prizes available from a few of our local vendors!

Brandi Krueger

PTO Officer

Great benefits from the thinknlocal platform.

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  • Coordinating fundraisers is simple and efficient.

  • Your organization is actually supporting local businesses while you fundraise.

  • We promote your organization, its mission, and your specific fundraising cause.

  • We partner businesses with local schools and non-profit organizations.

  • We help attract new customers while helping maintain relationships with existing clientele

  • Help foster a real sense of community where partnerships and mutual support benefit everyone.

  • Easily lend your support to local businesses, schools, AND non-profit causes.

  • Enjoy the economic benefits of the “Shop Local” messaging promoted through our platform.

Other Fundraising Programs

  • Turning our kids to sales people with packets and instructions on how to sell same old fundraising items.

  • School profit is often pretty low and fundraising companies make most of the money.

  • Not everyone can donate the time necessary to make every fundraiser work.

  • Confusion, lack of enthusiasm, and missed opportunities.

  • Events require quite a bit of volunteer labor to tend to all of the details

  • It definitely takes effort to get out there and sell tickets

  • In the last few years, there’s been a drop in the number of people donating to charities.

  • Our economy is in bad shape and will only get worse.

Everyone wins!

You’ll see how the efforts of each community stakeholder, whether a resident, non-profit organization or local business, can have a meaningful impact on the well-being of the community and the recovery of the local economy.

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